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  • May Meetup Recap

    After taking a break in the month of April, we have gathered yet again on last Thursday of the month to talk code. There were three great talks on various topics. Firstly Dane Šoba explained how to overcome the hardest task one has to overcome while programming. Yes! Naming Things...
    Written by Marko Potočnik on 26 May 2016.
  • March Meetup Recap

    March brought us springtime, sunshine, and another Ruby meetup. Lenart Rudel presented Hanami, a fresh take on web development in Ruby. Hanami is an alternative web framework that focuses on simplicity, performance, explicitness over magic, object-oriented architecture and testability. He discussed the differences between Rails and Hanami, its benefits, the...
    Written by Dane Šoba on 31 Mar 2016.
  • February Meetup Recap

    February’s meetup was slightly different than usual. There was a single presentation by Darko Bodnaruk, CTO at Mediately. He talked about React Native - a hot topic which attracted folks from outside the Ruby developers group. It was a great opportunity to say “Hi!” to friends working with other languages...
    Written by Lenart Rudel on 25 Feb 2016.
  • January Meetup Recap

    2016 will be an outstanding year so we started it with some awesome topics. Jan “Brdo” Berdajs, CTO at RankTrackr presented some cool new features in Rails 5 which is coming out this year. Yay! After Jan’s talk we had an opportunity to listen to Dane Šoba, CTO at Megabon....
    Written by Klemen Nagode on 28 Jan 2016.
  • November Meetup Recap

    Another month, another Ruby meetup, and another fun evening for spending precious time with Ruby friends. This time we found out how to enforce The Law into Ruby codebase and the basics of turbo-reactive programming techniques. Creative mastermind Martin Artnik, better known by his pet name Arto, did a presentation...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 27 Nov 2015.
  • October Meetup Recap

    On Thursday, October 29, another of our monthly Ruby gatherings took place at Poligon. Yet again we were lucky to get a chance to listen to two truly great talks. If hanging out with Ruby friends isn’t one of the finer things in life, then I don’t know what is....
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 29 Oct 2015.
  • September Meetup Recap

    It’s been awhile since our last meetup and after a busy summer we gathered again to meet and greet our old and new Ruby friends. :tada: This time we had a great opportunity to hear thoughts and first-hand experience on how it’s like to be a full-time freelancer and how...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 24 Sep 2015.
  • May Meetup Recap

    Our last meetup before summer break :sunglasses::sunny: was all about Erlang, Elixir and reliability. First speaker was Ino Murko - @ino_murko, he introduced us to world of Erlang and to ActorDB. After receiving our first dose of Erlang awesomeness we proceeded with more Erlang! Next was Miha Filej - @mfilej...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 25 May 2015.
  • March Meetup Recap

    March RUG meetup was about micro services, and background processing libraries in Ruby. Meeting point of our amazing event was as usual - the Poligon. We started with Rodoljub Petrović - Head of Software at Turtl - Auto scaling a micro service on Amazon Web Services. Second presenter was Matic...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 04 May 2015.