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  • September Meetup Recap

    It’s been awhile since our last meetup and after a busy summer we gathered again to meet and greet our old and new Ruby friends. :tada: This time we had a great opportunity to hear thoughts and first-hand experience on how it’s like to be a full-time freelancer and how...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 24 Sep 2015.
  • May Meetup Recap

    Our last meetup before summer break :sunglasses::sunny: was all about Erlang, Elixir and reliability. First speaker was Ino Murko - @ino_murko, he introduced us to world of Erlang and to ActorDB. After receiving our first dose of Erlang awesomeness we proceeded with more Erlang! Next was Miha Filej - @mfilej...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 25 May 2015.
  • March Meetup Recap

    March RUG meetup was about micro services, and background processing libraries in Ruby. Meeting point of our amazing event was as usual - the Poligon. We started with Rodoljub Petrović - Head of Software at Turtl - Auto scaling a micro service on Amazon Web Services. Second presenter was Matic...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 04 May 2015.
  • February Meetup Recap

    Another month, another meetup. We had a blast and thanks to @vzivo_si, everything was recorded. First up was Miha Mencin with Fine Tuning the Elastic Search with Evolution Algorithm: Next up was yours truly. I talked about Twofishes, and how I optimised our code talking to it by using Thrift....
    Written by Miha Rekar on 10 Mar 2015.
  • January Meetup Recap

    We started 2015 with JavaScript, Go and of course Ruby! Thanks to @vzivo_si, everything was recorded. Luka Zakrajšek, CTO of Koofr gave a talk about Go and some tools around it. Marko Zabreznik, CTO of Edgar had a talk “MEAN stack @ Edgar” Jan Berdajs, CTO of RankTrackr has presented...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 31 Jan 2015.
  • November Meetup Recap

    Yesterday we had nice November meetup with colourful mix of technology and speakers. Žiga Vidic - developer from Celtra - explained what is React and how it could be used in modern web applications. (Slovenian video) Miha Rekar - full stack developer from Silp AG - presented Neo4j in his...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 28 Nov 2014.
  • October Meetup Recap

    On the day before Halloween we had our October meetup; this time it was about Swift, UX and Belgian beer. Jure Žove - iOS developer - explained difference between Swift new programming language from Apple , Ruby and Scala. Talk titled - Jumping into Apple Swift. (English video) Miha Mencin...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 04 Nov 2014.
  • September Meetup Recap

    After long summer, we meet again in Poligon Creative Center, we had three wonderful speakers, explaining useful things,… Damjan Rems presented DRGCMS - a custom build Rails + Mongo CMS that powers, and Islam Mušić talked about how he used Spree to create e-commerce site for Slovenian...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 26 Sep 2014.
  • June Meetup Recap

    Last gathering before summer holidays took place on Monday, 23th of June. Again, we’ve had two brave souls sharing their knowledge with the rest of us, curious Rubyists. The first one was a young gun from D·Labs Martin Artnik (@artoartnik) with a presentation titled “Useless gems”. Speakers usually want us...
    Written by Žiga Vidic on 24 Jun 2014.