Slovenia Ruby User Group

January Meetup Recap

on 28 Jan 2016

2016 will be an outstanding year so we started it with some awesome topics. Jan “Brdo” Berdajs, CTO at RankTrackr presented some cool new features in Rails 5 which is coming out this year. Yay!

After Jan’s talk we had an opportunity to listen to Dane Šoba, CTO at Megabon. Dane was talking about making Rails as fast as possible and how to detect and resolve slow chunks of the code.

The end of the meetup was fired up by a lightning talk. Miha Rekar showed us some quick hacks which makes our terminal window fancier than ever. Check out his tips to never again screw up something on production server.

The event was unofficially continued with free drinks and many interesting conversations about Ruby, job opportunities and life-hacks.

Thanks everyone for coming, thanks to Toptal for free drinks and to Poligon for sharing their space with us. Together we are probably making the best software community in Slovenia! High five!

You should join us on our next event! If you can’t wait, you can find us on Slack.