Slovenia Ruby User Group

December Ruby Meetup

on 13 Dec 2023

In a festive conclusion to the year, Ruby enthusiasts came together once again in Ljubljana for the December edition of our meetup at the Slovenian Computer History Museum.

Jan Berdajs kicked off the evening by delving into Dokku, an impressively simple self-hosted open-source alternative to Heroku. In his presentation, he showcased its capabilities through the lens of his online store, 3dragons. Jan provided a comprehensive walkthrough, guiding the audience from the initial setup to the final deployment. Dokku emerged as a compelling option for those eager to liberate themselves from the shackles of major cloud providers, save a buck, or have more control over their infrastructure.

Following Jan, Oto Brglez delivered a highly provocative talk titled “Beyond Ruby”, showing how all our lives’ (computational) problems can be solved one monad at a time. Oto demonstrated how Ruby’s fundamental building blocks, such as Array, map, and flat_map are actually monads in disguise and how they can be utilized to build powerful computations. He argued his case by slowly evolving a simple sequential API consumer application into highly concurrent beast. Tensions rose as he drew comparisons to Scala, a functional programming language and broached sensitive topics like type-safety and the infamous Global Interpreter Lock.

We want to express our appreciation to SciNote for sponsoring this meetup and for their continued support of our Ruby community. Additionally, a special thank you to Krištof Črnivec, for organizing and coordinating the event.