Slovenia Ruby User Group

March Ruby Meetup

on 25 Mar 2024

In March another Ruby Meetup brought together familiar faces and fresh ideas in the vibrant world of Ruby development. As always the atmosphere inside was relaxed and buzzing with excitement.

The first talk of the evening was Radan Skoric’s “Should I type or should I not?”. Radan delved into the realm of typing in Ruby, exploring various approaches and their pros and cons. From Rbs to Sorbet, he presented a comprehensive overview of how types can be introduced into Rails projects, sparking lively discussions among attendees.

The second talk was “Deployment with Kamal” by Ivan Vandot. Ivan introduced Kamal, a tool by 37signals, demonstrating how it can be used to deploy Rails applications to servers. His live demo of deploying a simple application to a real web server showcased the simplicity and effectiveness of Kamal, leaving attendees inspired to try it out themselves.

As the talks wrapped up, the evening transitioned seamlessly into casual conversations over pizza and beer. Attendees exchanged ideas, shared experiences, highlighting the true essence of community in the Ruby world.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizer Krištof Črnivec for putting together yet another fantastic meetup and to SciNote for sponsoring the event. Without their dedication and support, gatherings like these wouldn’t be possible.

The meetup once again proved to be a valuable platform for learning, networking, and socializing. With each event, the community grows stronger and more vibrant. As we eagerly await the next meetup, let’s continue to embrace these opportunities to stay updated with the latest trends and connect with fellow engineers. Here’s to more inspiring talks and memorable gatherings in the near future!