January Meetup Recap

We started 2015 with JavaScript, Go and of course Ruby! Thanks to @vzivo_si, everything was recorded.

Luka Zakrajšek, CTO of Koofr gave a talk about Go and some tools around it.

Marko Zabreznik, CTO of Edgar had a talk “MEAN stack @ Edgar

Jan Berdajs, CTO of RankTrackr has presented his new Ruby gem - Datasource.

After official event we also had a lightning talk. This time with some free T-Shirts and promo material from topdeejays.com.

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November Meetup Recap

Yesterday we had nice November meetup with colourful mix of technology and speakers.

Žiga Vidic - developer from Celtra - explained what is React and how it could be used in modern web applications. (Slovenian video)

Miha Rekar - full stack developer from Silp AG - presented Neo4j in his lovely talk “WTF is this hipster graph thingy?” (Slovenian video)

Slides from talk are available here.

We also had Swizec visiting us from Ljubljana JS User Group he poked around type systems and differences between them. Wonderful talk; titled “Wat … are we doing to ourselves?” (English video)

Slides from his talk are available here.

After official meetup ended we also opened floor for lightning talks. Few guys stepped up,..

  • Jan Berdajs explained his datasource concept. Bridging the gap between AR / serializes and making back-ends thiner.
  • Aleks Jakulin, CTO of Ganxy. Gave talk “Big data, d’oh. The future of data-centric engines.” Explaining why “big data” concept is passé and what will future replacements be,…

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P.s.: All talks ware live streamed and recorded by @vzivo_si.

October Meetup Recap

On the day before Halloween we had our October meetup; this time it was about Swift, UX and Belgian beer.

Jure Žove - iOS developer - explained difference between Swift new programming language from Apple , Ruby and Scala. Talk titled - Jumping into Apple Swift. (English video)

Miha Mencin - Ruby developer from D.Labs - reported his experience with ArrrrCamp 2014. (Slovenian video)

Mitja Mavsar; gave gentle introduction to UX and then did session of UX Fixing. (Slovenian video)

Video: © @vzivo_si

Drinks after event ware sponsored by Leadformance. Guys are looking for Ruby on Rails developers; remote contractors welcome.

Next meetup will be on 27th of November 2014 - join us in Poligon

September Meetup Recap

After long summer, we meet again in Poligon Creative Center, we had three wonderful speakers, explaining useful things,…

Damjan Rems presented DRGCMS - a custom build Rails + Mongo CMS that powers podjetnik.si, mozaikpodjetnih.si and ooz-ljsiska.si.

Islam Mušić talked about how he used Spree to create e-commerce site for Slovenian Kickstarter success story ONDU.

We finished with Klemen Nagode and his “10 things I learned at Baruco conference”.

Foto: © @otobrglez

Video: © @vzivo_si

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June Meetup Recap

Last gathering before summer holidays took place on Monday, 23th of June. Again, we’ve had two brave souls sharing their knowledge with the rest of us, curious Rubyists.

The first one was a young gun from D·Labs Martin Artnik (@artoartnik) with a presentation titled “Useless gems”. Speakers usually want us to believe they’ve found or did something better. But this time, Arto didn’t try that. He dropped his favorite gems that no one really needs while making the world a better place. And why do we even have and talk about useless gems? Because we can and because it’s fun. Arto also showed us his geoeras gem. It can make historians pretty happy, writing their history driven development. My personal favorite useless gem was dicks, it’s really hot so check it out.

And then Tomaž Zaman (@carmivore) from codeable.io set the fire on stage with his talk about Continuous deployment of Rails apps on AWS OpsWorks. We were introduced to their product codeable.io which connects Wordpress specialists with clients. They have a modern stack where Rails is providing a JSON API on server side and Angular.js displaying it on client side. They’re using Travis.ci for Continuous Integration, HipChat for communication (they are remote team), HuBot,… and many more. These guys are doing some serious automation in every possible aspect. I can already see Tomaž doing his v2.0 presentation about HuBot being their scrum master, moving their Trello cards, scraping the logs and fixing bugs live in production with below-zero-downtime. But the main part of his talk was how they’ve successfully moved to AWS OpsWorks and what they did to get there.

Foto: © @mrfoto

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