Slovenia Ruby User Group

Ruby on Rack and Machine Learning / March Meetup Recap

on 30 Mar 2017

Yet again, two amazing talks unfolded right in front of our eyes in Poligon.

The first one was about Rack. Krištof Črnivec reminded us of this essential gem, emphasizing how it powers the most of Ruby web servers in the wild. He showed us some examples of its clear and well-thought-out interface.

Second talk was delivered by Roman Orač. The main topic was about machine learning, and how they’re applying it at 1Tap Receipts to categorize photographs of receipts. Some real next-level stuff was revealed here, followed by an intensive Q&A session, which confirmed the interest for machine learning being at an all time high.

We are thankful for Toptal providing us 🍻 and for 1Tap Receipts bringing us 🍕.