Slovenia Ruby User Group

Ruby Meetup Reboot - Sidekiq at scale, and Ruby 3

on 21 Jun 2023

After a long hiatus since 2018, the Ruby community in Ljubljana came alive once again. At Slovenian Computer History Museum, Ruby appreciators gathered to share their passion for the language.

Main Talks and Mini Talks:

John Jarvis shared insights into GitLab’s utilization of Sidekiq and their successful efforts in scaling it. His talk shed light on the practical implementation of this background jobs processing tool, providing valuable takeaways for attendees looking to enhance their own projects.

Martin Artnik discussed the latest features of Ruby 3.x, a major version that has caused quite a buzz in the Ruby community. With improved performance, enhanced concurrency, and pattern matching capabilities, Ruby 3.x promises a more efficient and powerful programming experience.

In addition to the main talks, Sally Roth shared valuable strategies on how to effectively remove sensitive information committed to large Git repositories while preserving the repository’s history. Her talk addressed a common concerns among developers and offered practical solutions.

Lenart Rudel shared his experiences and insights from his visit to the RubyDay conference in Verona. His mini talk allowed attendees to gain exposure to the larger Ruby community and inspired them to explore further opportunities for professional development and networking.

The attendees expressed their gratitude to Krištof Črnivec, the driving force behind the revival of the Ruby meetup, and to SciNote for their sponsorship.