Slovenia Ruby User Group

Goodbye Summer Ruby Meetup

on 28 Sep 2023

Ruby enthusiasts gathered once more in Ljubljana, at the Slovenian Computer History Museum on September 28th, 2023. The event featured three presenters, each delivering intriguing presentations.

Andraž “Brodul” Brodnik had a talk about deployment of Ruby applications in AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service). In AWS jargon, he guided us through the process of making an application accessible to the public, explaining common pitfalls and providing comparisons to alternatives. The discussion also delved into deployment strategies, particularly the blue-green approach, which piqued the audience’s interest.

Next was Tomaž Zaman, with a witty talk named “Ruby is boring tech and why that’s good”, where he delved into his entrepreneurial journey co-founding Codeable and why he chose Ruby on Rails as the tech basis of the business. His presentation included anecdotes interwoven with humor and hard-earned wisdom.

There was also a mini presentation, by the legendary Miha Rekar. It was heartening to see someone still with rubies in his eyes, even after many years of working with Ruby. With enthusiasm, he showcased the latest features in Rails 7.1 and how he incorporates them into his projects.

We extend our gratitude to SciNote for their sponsorship of this meetup and their support of our Ruby community, and to community member Krištof Črnivec for organizing the event.