Slovenia Ruby User Group

Up your freelancing game and get dirty with Vue.js

on 25 May 2017

We’ve always tried to keep our community open-minded thus this group has now become much more then just a community of Ruby enthusiasts. Our members are experts from different fields. This keeps our community strong, connected and up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

It was our 4th meetup in Poligon this year and our members prepared another two great talks.

The first one was about progressive JavaScript framework called VueJS, presented by David Ličen. Vue has gain a lot of attention among web developers lately and its community keeps rising every day. It’s a simple, unopinionated, yet powerful web framework for the developers who want to get things done. It’s a great framework which can also be nicely integrated into any Rails application.

Jure Čuhalev shared an interesting story entitled Survivorship Bias, which was about being a successful freelance developer. It was a great talk which reminded all of us that being a top developer just isn’t enough when you start competing in the market. The key to success is also your ability to communicate with clients in a proper way. Among some interesting insides he also described a best practice on how to calculation the best price for your offer.

We are thankful for Toptal providing us 🍻 and for 1Tap Receipts bringing us 🍕.