Slovenia Ruby User Group

November Meetup Recap

on 25 Nov 2016

On 25. november we met again in Poligon. We had two great talks and also some time open to lightning talks.

The first one was from Miha Rekar. He talked about his trip to Israel and RailsIsrael conference.

The second talk was from Matic Jurglič. He made a short introduction to ActionCable - Websockets in Rails, and how he used it in his latest project - Github Radar.

Last but not least, we also had a lightning talk from Miha Filej. He talked about profiling Ruby applications with ruby-prof.

Like always, we had lots of discussions after the talks over beer which was kindly provided by Toptal.

Thanks everyone who came and thanks again to our sponsors - Toptal and Poligon who make events like this possible.

Make sure you bookmark our meetup page so you won’t miss our next event. And if you feel like chatting you’re always welcome to join our Slack.

Photos by @otobrglez