Slovenia Ruby User Group

February Meetup Recap

on 25 Feb 2016

February’s meetup was slightly different than usual. There was a single presentation by Darko Bodnaruk, CTO at Mediately. He talked about React Native - a hot topic which attracted folks from outside the Ruby developers group. It was a great opportunity to say “Hi!” to friends working with other languages than Ruby.

Video: © @vzivo_si

After the presentation it almost felt like many of the attendees went home to immediately put their hands on React Native. Some of us stayed and discussed things heard during the presentation over a free beer - courtesy of Toptal.

All in all it was another great event. Thanks everyone for coming and thanks to our sponsors - Toptal, V Živo and Poligon - who make events like this possible.

As always make sure you bookmark our meetup page so you won’t miss our next event. If you feel like chatting you’re welcome to join our Slack group.