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ELM - Language for reliable webapps + Ruby 2.4 / February Meetup Recap

on 23 Feb 2017


It was somehow delegated to me to make a recap of this meetup for people who couldn’t attend? Here it is :)

In this meetup Domen Kožar explained that ELM an functional language which compiles to JavaScript. ELM transcompiler guarantees that we won’t have any runtime JavaScript errors.

Domen went through this guide, explained what certain parts of this language mean and answered bunch of questions.

At the end of meetup he refered us the following next steps / reading material

Another choice for generating JavaScript code is PureScript, but it’s more suitable for people who are familiar with functional languages like Haskell.

After Domen; stage was set for Arto and his lovely introduction to recent changes to Ruby 2.4. With cats and nice font!

Till next time!