Slovenia Ruby User Group

How to switch from Rails to Node.JS? Lessons learned. / January Meetup Recap

on 26 Jan 2017

It was the first Ruby meetup of the year.

The crowd was booming, beers were in code blistered hands (thanks to Toptal) and pizza smelled good across the room (thanks to Povio Labs).

Kristijan Sedlak, CTO of Doctrina was the only presenter this time around. He introduced us to his current employer Doctrina and their stack. They use NodeJS / Vue.js and GraphQL technologies with great ease, and Kristijan made marvelous sketches of how things work (slides).

He explained, that the transfer to these fresh out of the owen technologies was hassle free and made for the future stability, where scalability is thought of, and everything works just fine. He also stated, that Rails is still a good way to go. We agreed strongly.

Photos: Miha Rekar

See you next time! :)