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  • October Meetup Recap

    On Thursday, October 29, another of our monthly Ruby gatherings took place at Poligon. Yet again we were lucky to get a chance to listen to two truly great talks. If hanging out with Ruby friends isn’t one of the finer things in life, then I don’t know what is....
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 29 Oct 2015.
  • September Meetup Recap

    It’s been awhile since our last meetup and after a busy summer we gathered again to meet and greet our old and new Ruby friends. :tada: This time we had a great opportunity to hear thoughts and first-hand experience on how it’s like to be a full-time freelancer and how...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 24 Sep 2015.
  • May Meetup Recap

    Our last meetup before summer break :sunglasses::sunny: was all about Erlang, Elixir and reliability. First speaker was Ino Murko - @ino_murko, he introduced us to world of Erlang and to ActorDB. After receiving our first dose of Erlang awesomeness we proceeded with more Erlang! Next was Miha Filej - @mfilej...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 25 May 2015.
  • March Meetup Recap

    March RUG meetup was about micro services, and background processing libraries in Ruby. Meeting point of our amazing event was as usual - the Poligon. We started with Rodoljub Petrović - Head of Software at Turtl - Auto scaling a micro service on Amazon Web Services. Second presenter was Matic...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 04 May 2015.
  • February Meetup Recap

    Another month, another meetup. We had a blast and thanks to @vzivo_si, everything was recorded. First up was Miha Mencin with Fine Tuning the Elastic Search with Evolution Algorithm: Next up was yours truly. I talked about Twofishes, and how I optimised our code talking to it by using Thrift....
    Written by Miha Rekar on 10 Mar 2015.
  • January Meetup Recap

    We started 2015 with JavaScript, Go and of course Ruby! Thanks to @vzivo_si, everything was recorded. Luka Zakrajšek, CTO of Koofr gave a talk about Go and some tools around it. Marko Zabreznik, CTO of Edgar had a talk “MEAN stack @ Edgar” Jan Berdajs, CTO of RankTrackr has presented...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 31 Jan 2015.
  • November Meetup Recap

    Yesterday we had nice November meetup with colourful mix of technology and speakers. Žiga Vidic - developer from Celtra - explained what is React and how it could be used in modern web applications. (Slovenian video) Miha Rekar - full stack developer from Silp AG - presented Neo4j in his...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 28 Nov 2014.
  • October Meetup Recap

    On the day before Halloween we had our October meetup; this time it was about Swift, UX and Belgian beer. Jure Žove - iOS developer - explained difference between Swift new programming language from Apple , Ruby and Scala. Talk titled - Jumping into Apple Swift. (English video) Miha Mencin...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 04 Nov 2014.
  • September Meetup Recap

    After long summer, we meet again in Poligon Creative Center, we had three wonderful speakers, explaining useful things,… Damjan Rems presented DRGCMS - a custom build Rails + Mongo CMS that powers, and Islam Mušić talked about how he used Spree to create e-commerce site for Slovenian...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 26 Sep 2014.