Slovenia Ruby User Group

May Meetup Recap

on 25 May 2015

Our last meetup before summer break :sunglasses::sunny: was all about Erlang, Elixir and reliability.

First speaker was Ino Murko - @ino_murko, he introduced us to world of Erlang and to ActorDB.

After receiving our first dose of Erlang awesomeness we proceeded with more Erlang! Next was Miha Filej - @mfilej and Elixir with some Phoenix Framework touches. Talk: Elixir for Rubyists.

Last talk of the day was reserved for Jan Haložan - @janhalozan, iOS developer from Databox. Talk: In the hunt of 100% delivery rate with mobile push notifications.

Hope that you have learned something about Erlang and push notifications!

Now, go and enjoy the summer. :rowboat: :swimmer:

P.S.: Thanks to our sponsors: Toptal, V Ž and Poligon for helping us!