Slovenia Ruby User Group

November Meetup Recap

on 28 Nov 2014

Yesterday we had nice November meetup with colourful mix of technology and speakers.

Žiga Vidic - developer from Celtra - explained what is React and how it could be used in modern web applications. (Slovenian video)

Miha Rekar - full stack developer from Silp AG - presented Neo4j in his lovely talk “WTF is this hipster graph thingy?” (Slovenian video)

Slides from talk are available here.

We also had Swizec visiting us from Ljubljana JS User Group he poked around type systems and differences between them. Wonderful talk; titled “Wat … are we doing to ourselves?” (English video)

Slides from his talk are available here.

After official meetup ended we also opened floor for lightning talks. Few guys stepped up,..

  • Jan Berdajs explained his datasource concept. Bridging the gap between AR / serializes and making back-ends thiner.
  • Aleks Jakulin, CTO of Ganxy. Gave talk “Big data, d’oh. The future of data-centric engines.” Explaining why “big data” concept is passé and what will future replacements be,…

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P.S.: All talks ware live streamed and recorded by @vzivo_si.