Slovenia Ruby User Group

February Meetup Recap

on 10 Mar 2015

Another month, another meetup. We had a blast and thanks to @vzivo_si, everything was recorded.

First up was Miha Mencin with Fine Tuning the Elastic Search with Evolution Algorithm:

Next up was yours truly. I talked about Twofishes, and how I optimised our code talking to it by using Thrift.

After that we had two lightning talks. Jan Berdajs had a fun one about a hidden git feature git-new-workdir. He also showed how he made theine - a spring/zeus/spork-like Rails application preloader for jruby:

Last talk of the day was by Martin Artnik who talked about unsafe defaults in gems which could delete your entire project. Not kidding, take a look:

That was it for February, do join us this month - same place, same time on 26th of March. In the mean time you should follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook.