Slovenia Ruby User Group

November Meetup Recap

on 27 Nov 2015

Another month, another Ruby meetup, and another fun evening for spending precious time with Ruby friends. This time we found out how to enforce The Law into Ruby codebase and the basics of turbo-reactive programming techniques.

Creative mastermind Martin Artnik, better known by his pet name Arto, did a presentation on RuboCop, which is a handy Ruby static code analyzer that brings sanity into code and teams. He showed some examples and explained how RuboCop is able to keep most of the code style disagreements and complexity away.

Second presenter, well known Android Rock Star Blaž Šolar, enlightened us on the topic of reactive programming in JVM, and taught us a couple of things about asynchronous, non-blocking programming techniques.

See you next time!

P.S.: Thanks to our sponsors Toptal, V Živo and Poligon.