Slovenia Ruby User Group

October Meetup Recap

on 29 Oct 2015

On Thursday, October 29, another of our monthly Ruby gatherings took place at Poligon. Yet again we were lucky to get a chance to listen to two truly great talks. If hanging out with Ruby friends isn’t one of the finer things in life, then I don’t know what is.

One of the pioneers of Slovenian Ruby ecosystem, David Krmpotić, didn’t come to speak about Ruby. Instead, he presented us with stuff the future is made of and how we’re able to use in the present. His talk was about next-generation JavaScript, called ES6. With informative slides and live coding examples he has shown us the ways and wonderful features that will make writing JavaScript a lot saner - and how to start using it now, with Babel. His conclusion was that JavaScript, after all, will probably become a serious language. Prepare yourself to never ever write var self = this; again.

Second presenter, Ivan Nemytchenko, had the urge to travel all the way from Serbia to tell us to stop being a Rails developer. At first we were shocked, then we agreed! His intriguing talk was about how a developer needs to think outside the “Rails way” box as the complexity of an application grows. He pointed out a few valuable design patterns and techniques, such as using Form Objects, Repository and DDD principles, and a couple of other things that we could use to replace some of Rails’s standard ways and conventions when trying to tame the beastly complexity of a heavy app. Also, make sure not to miss brilliant graphics on his slides.

See you next time!

P.S.: Thanks to our sponsors Toptal, V Živo and Poligon.