Slovenia Ruby User Group

May Meetup

on 14 May 2014

The month is coming to an end and that means that our monthly meetup is coming around. This meetup is going to be a little different. Again. We’re moving the meetup to Monday and to a new location. Again. :pensive:

After the talks part is over we usually sit down at the bar tables with the people we already know. You know - programmers are introverted and all that. The problem is that you don’t get to meet new people or exchange your ideas with someone you don’t know. Another problem is that someone (you know who :grin:) starts talking about bitcoins and there is no way you can switch tables now. Fuck!

Easy solution? No tables. So from now on we’re teamed up with Poligon Creative Centre. Poligon is a great place for coworking and for events like this. It has a very relaxed atmosphere which will lead to many new Ruby friendships. I’m sure of it. :tada:

For the meetup: We’ll have a guest from across the narrow sea. Don Goodman-Wilson from the ScreenHero team will be joining us to do a very interesting talk, provocatively titled Screenhero: Get Shit Done. Some of you already met him at the Rubyburgers meetup, but this time you’ll all get to hear what he has to say. The second talk will be done by Žiga Vidic who has yet to come up with a title.

After the talks we’ll do a public debate on why #TDDisDead and what to do with our lives now. When the debate will start going south, we’ll move to the bar and drink in desperation.

Oh, almost forgot. D·Labs is again going to buy a drink for every attendee of the meetup. They’re awesome like that.

Looking forward to another great meetup!

P.S.: Bring friends :wink: