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  • Rails Girls Ljubljana 2014

    Past weekend was dedicated to Rails Girls initiative. Social / hacking event for girls that want to learn programming with Ruby and Rails. Couple of friendly hackers from Slovenia RUG joined as mentors and helped by sharing knowledge and skills - making girls feel welcome and happy. This was the...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 13 May 2014.
  • Rubyburgers

    The first Rubyburgers meetup in Slovenia was a huge success. Thanks to all of you who came to grab some awesome :hamburger:, talk Ruby, and exchange stickers. I’m sure we will do this again :sunglasses: The next monthly meetup date (and location) are still being determined and debated but I’ll...
    Written by Miha Rekar on 09 May 2014.
  • Welcome

    This is our new webpage. It’s not perfect but it’ll do just fine. We had a great meetup yesterday with two awesome talks: Jan Brdo (@mrbrdo) talked about Design Patterns in Ruby and Damjan Rems explained why MongoDB & Ruby are a match made in heaven. To wrap up I...
    Written by Miha Rekar on 25 Apr 2014.