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  • June Meetup Recap

    Last gathering before summer holidays took place on Monday, 23th of June. Again, we’ve had two brave souls sharing their knowledge with the rest of us, curious Rubyists. The first one was a young gun from D·Labs Martin Artnik (@artoartnik) with a presentation titled “Useless gems”. Speakers usually want us...
    Written by Žiga Vidic on 24 Jun 2014.
  • June Meetup

    It’s almost meetup time of month again. Yaaay!!! :tada: We moved this meetup to Monday, because Wednesday is a national holiday and we figured you might use that for an extended weekend. :sunglasses: The meetup will again take place in the Poligon Creative Centre. Everyone seemed to really like the...
    Written by Miha Rekar on 18 Jun 2014.
  • May Meetup Recap

    Yesterdays monthly meetup was great! We started with Don Goodman-Wilson’s gentle introduction to ScreenHero and their stack/services/architecture. Proceeded with talk from Žiga Vidic - PsyTrance, Ember.js and…Straight edge. We finished with cold beers sponsored by D·Labs and everything took place at Poligon Creative Centre. Some resources that you might find...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 27 May 2014.
  • May Meetup

    The month is coming to an end and that means that our monthly meetup is coming around. This meetup is going to be a little different. Again. We’re moving the meetup to Monday and to a new location. Again. :pensive: After the talks part is over we usually sit down...
    Written by Miha Rekar on 14 May 2014.
  • Rails Girls Ljubljana 2014

    Past weekend was dedicated to Rails Girls initiative. Social / hacking event for girls that want to learn programming with Ruby and Rails. Couple of friendly hackers from Slovenia RUG joined as mentors and helped by sharing knowledge and skills - making girls feel welcome and happy. This was the...
    Written by Oto Brglez on 13 May 2014.
  • Rubyburgers

    The first Rubyburgers meetup in Slovenia was a huge success. Thanks to all of you who came to grab some awesome :hamburger:, talk Ruby, and exchange stickers. I’m sure we will do this again :sunglasses: The next monthly meetup date (and location) are still being determined and debated but I’ll...
    Written by Miha Rekar on 09 May 2014.
  • Welcome

    This is our new webpage. It’s not perfect but it’ll do just fine. We had a great meetup yesterday with two awesome talks: Jan Brdo (@mrbrdo) talked about Design Patterns in Ruby and Damjan Rems explained why MongoDB & Ruby are a match made in heaven. To wrap up I...
    Written by Miha Rekar on 25 Apr 2014.