Slovenia Ruby User Group

June Meetup

on 18 Jun 2014

It’s almost meetup time of month again. Yaaay!!! :tada:

We moved this meetup to Monday, because Wednesday is a national holiday and we figured you might use that for an extended weekend. :sunglasses:

The meetup will again take place in the Poligon Creative Centre. Everyone seemed to really like the place so we can finally say we settled on the location for all of our future meetups. RSVP on meetup.

The first talk of the meetup will be by Martin Artnik (@artoartnik) from D·Labs, whose talk is going to be about Useless Gems. The second one will be by Tomaž Zaman (@carmivore) from Codeable on Continuous deployment of Rails apps on AWS OpsWorks.

This might be our last proper meetup for a while, because we know you all scatter to the coast during summertime. We will probably still meet for a :beer: or even Rubyburgers but no details yet.

Looking forward to another great meetup!

P.S.: Bring friends :wink:

P.P.S: We moved our mailing list to Mailchimp. You should subscribe.