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  • March Ruby Meetup

    In March another Ruby Meetup brought together familiar faces and fresh ideas in the vibrant world of Ruby development. As always the atmosphere inside was relaxed and buzzing with excitement. The first talk of the evening was Radan Skoric’s “Should I type or should I not?”. Radan delved into the...
    Written by Lenart Rudel on 25 Mar 2024.
  • December Ruby Meetup

    In a festive conclusion to the year, Ruby enthusiasts came together once again in Ljubljana for the December edition of our meetup at the Slovenian Computer History Museum. Jan Berdajs kicked off the evening by delving into Dokku, an impressively simple self-hosted open-source alternative to Heroku. In his presentation, he...
    Written by Simon Žlender on 13 Dec 2023.
  • Goodbye Summer Ruby Meetup

    Ruby enthusiasts gathered once more in Ljubljana, at the Slovenian Computer History Museum on September 28th, 2023. The event featured three presenters, each delivering intriguing presentations. Andraž “Brodul” Brodnik had a talk about deployment of Ruby applications in AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service). In AWS jargon, he guided us through...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 28 Sep 2023.
  • Ruby Meetup Reboot - Sidekiq at scale, and Ruby 3

    After a long hiatus since 2018, the Ruby community in Ljubljana came alive once again. At Slovenian Computer History Museum, Ruby appreciators gathered to share their passion for the language. Main Talks and Mini Talks: John Jarvis shared insights into GitLab’s utilization of Sidekiq and their successful efforts in scaling...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 21 Jun 2023.
  • GraphQL and Automated testing

    This time we were greeted by a special guest: Stefan Kanev, the CTO at 1Tap Receipts. He delighted us with not only one, but two talks, both of them packed with invaluable knowledge that could only be acquired by many years of working with software. The first talk was about...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 28 Mar 2018.
  • Concurrency, OOP with Ruby and Elixir

    With the summer almost gone, Ruby Slovenia meet-ups are back on their monthly schedule. In the first talk of the new season, Aleš Kotnik focused on the current state of Concurrency in Ruby. While Moore’s Law at least for now still holds when it comes to shrinking transistor size, the...
    Written by Miha Filej on 20 Sep 2017.
  • Up your freelancing game and get dirty with Vue.js

    We’ve always tried to keep our community open-minded thus this group has now become much more then just a community of Ruby enthusiasts. Our members are experts from different fields. This keeps our community strong, connected and up to date with the latest technologies and trends. It was our 4th...
    Written by Kristijan Sedlak on 25 May 2017.
  • Ruby on Rack and Machine Learning / March Meetup Recap

    Yet again, two amazing talks unfolded right in front of our eyes in Poligon. The first one was about Rack. Krištof Črnivec reminded us of this essential gem, emphasizing how it powers the most of Ruby web servers in the wild. He showed us some examples of its clear and...
    Written by Matic Jurglič on 30 Mar 2017.
  • ELM - Language for reliable webapps + Ruby 2.4 / February Meetup Recap

    Hi! It was somehow delegated to me to make a recap of this meetup for people who couldn’t attend? Here it is :) In this meetup Domen Kožar explained that ELM an functional language which compiles to JavaScript. ELM transcompiler guarantees that we won’t have any runtime JavaScript errors. Domen...
    Written by Alojzij Blatnik on 23 Feb 2017.