Slovenia Ruby User Group

Slovenia Ruby User Group Stickers

Tina Tavčar designed this really awesome logo for our group that merges the two loves of our life: Ruby and Slovenia. And there is nothing more Slovenian than our national symbol Triglav. Of course you want to wear this with pride on all of your stuff, which is why we made stickers.

They are so awesome that you’ll want to stick them everywhere, so we decided we’ll let stickermule make them. That means that not only they look amazing, they are also able to withstand exposure to wind, rain, sunlight, and they’re even dishwasher safe1. Stick ‘em to your laptop, your favorite coffee mug, your office door, or even your car. The sticker wont mind. You can also give it away to someone you meet at the next conference you attend. It’s a great conversation starter :wink:

Again, you can get stickers via donation at all of our meetups or we can send them to you - just let us know.

This is how they look:

Awesome, right? :tada:

  1. While the sticker will survive dishwasher just fine, your laptop might not. Sorry.